Hello everyone I have a great product for you to check out. It is a book from the Healthy Back Institute called the “The 7 Day Back Pain Cure”. The links below will take you to their site. It comes in both paperback and e-book whichever you prefer.

The book addresses the causes of back pain and focusses on ways to cure your back pain not just cover up the symptoms. It includes information on muscle imbalances, nutrition, herniated discs, neck pain, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and other common dysfunctions and how to correct them. I have both copies of the book a physical book and the e-book so it is convenient to look up no matter where I am. The links are

Or, a copy of our paperback book:

Don’t forget to check out he rest of the site for videos on stretches for common ailments such as sciatica and neck tension and pain. They also offer equipment such as inversion tables and whole video programs on how to “Lose the Neck Pain” or “Lose the Back Pain”. There are many others as well that are too numerous to list. It is a very comprehensive site. Enjoy!!

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