I am writing this because I believe healing the body is a team approach not just the job for the practitioner, but for both client and practitioner.

All of these techniques I have used myself because I always seek out natural pain relief. Being a massage therapist, I like to teach my clients how to take care of themselves in between visits. My goal is to empower the client to help themselves get well with simple things they may already have around the house or provide resources for things they might want to look into in order to feel better.

Another one of my favorite tools is very simple and something that is portable that you may already have around the house. It is a lacrosse ball. I favor a lacrosse ball over a tennis ball because there is no give in the ball and I like deep tissue massage work. It also sticks better to the wall or the car seat. But, if a tennis ball is all you have then by all means use it.

The ball can be used for massage while on the floor in those achy places such as the low back. When you find the place where it “hurts so good” hold the ball there until the pain subsides. Do not go over the spine. Just on the muscles along the spine. You can also use it in the mid and upper back that area between the spine and shoulder blade. This is a place where many people carry their stress and can often find relief using this simple technique.

The gluteal area (or your butt ) is often a source of tightness and sore spots as well. Tight glutes can contribute to low back pain. When you find sore spots on your glutes, hold the ball there until the pain subsides.

All of the movements mentioned above can also be done against the wall or while traveling in a plane or in a car. You use the same movements only in a standing position.

This massage is a godsend on long trips especially in an airplane where your movement is really restricted. I also always have one in my car for when my lower back is sore or my shoulders are tight. One word of caution. Be careful While using the ball to massage your back while standing against a wall especially if you like deep tissue work. I have put dents in my wall!!!

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