Janet is an accomplished body worker and compassionate healer. It is obvious that Janet is always taking continuing education because each time we meet she shares something new she has learned and tries a new technique. She is generous with her knowledge and always interested in teaching self-care so the client can continue their healing. Her understanding of the muscles, their action and relation to each other is comprehensive. A session with Janet is quite a work-out. With her skilled hands she instantly identifies muscle tension. Janet uses a variety of techniques to relax the muscles and complements her massage with effective stretching and range of motion exercises. I recommend Janet to anyone interested in deep therapeutic massage.

    >Diane Cellini, Licensed Massage Therapist

    I have known Janet for several years and am well acquainted with her skills as a massage practitioner. She has worked on me for a number of athletic injuries incurred over time as an experienced Black Belt martial artist. She has helped relieve painful conditions arising from MVAs as well. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the “table” when working with people of all ages and various challenging conditions.

    Having previously worked with her as a massage therapist myself, I feel confident that the continued education in the field coupled with work for chiropractors and in her own private practice can benefit any number of people with any type of medical conditions. She demonstrates good communication skills where patient/client education is necessary as well Janet has much to offer in her caring, professional approach to those in need. I know that others reading this will be as pleased as am once they have experienced her skilled work for themselves.

    • P M. Gatewood, Massage Therapist
    • I have been working with Janet for over two years since I had my first total shoulder joint replacement surgery. She has done some amazing work in helping to expedite my recovery process. Due to Janet’s expertise and commitment, we have been able to achieve complete use of the shoulder with no pain in a very short timeframe. We now begin our quest on the other shoulder. I’m certain we will achieve the same results. I highly recommend Janet for her knowledge, friendliness and professionalism as a licensed massage therapist.

      November 20, 2011

      As a regular recipient of Janet Duffy’s therapeutic massage services, I am delighted with her continually expanding repertoire of techniques to expand my range of movement. Invariably, I leave our session feeling lighter, freer, and rejuvenated. I admire Janet’s own personal growth journey and her continuously expanding knowledge of ways to integrate mind-body energies. Her facilities and equipment are state- of-the-art as are her skills. Having experienced various types of massage, I would most highly recommend Janet’s work and her ability to intuitively connect with her clients.

      Carol A. Radich, Ph.D.