Located on Browning Rd in Pennsauken New Jersey. Dr Liebman is just one of those Chiropractors you don’t forget. His knowledge base and use of special equipment to relieve your pain is surpassed by none. He has great friendly staff willing to answer any questions and make you comfortable and feel at home. If there is ever a wait you are invited to lay on one of his cozy water massage beds that are in each treatment room.

The Healthy Back Institute is one of my favorite sites for finding simple cures for back, neck and sciatica pain. They have many tips and videos on ways you can instantly relieve your pain at home as well as equipment and information you can buy to further relieve your pain permanently with out drugs or surgery at home. On the link above you will find an offer for a f*ree book the 7 Day Cure. Please take advantage of it. You will be glad you did.