Benefits of Massage

According to 101 Back Pain Tips:

Touch is one of the best ways to heal, and Massage

therapy goes a long way toward attacking your back

and neck pain at its sources. An experienced Massage

Therapist can use one or more of these techniques to

help you with back pain:

Swedish massage: the most widespread treatment

used in the United States. Generally soothing, it involves

the use of kneading and friction in long strokes and

deep circular movements. Most well-known massage

techniques fall under the category of Swedish massage.

Myofascial therapy: targets the muscle and myofascial

systems, promoting flexibility and mobility of the body’s

connective tissues (fascia).

Trigger Point therapy: focuses deep pressure on

myofascial Trigger Points—knotted muscle fibers

that are painful and tender when pressed. (See Tip

#79 for more on Trigger Point Therapy)

Deep Tissue massage: involves intense pressure

and patterns of slow strokes to relieve tightness or

knotting in the deep layers of muscles.

Sustained Pressure: also known as ischemic or

digital pressure, it alleviates hypertonic (tight) areas

within muscle and fascia.

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